[torqueusers] Combining the Arguments -o and -k oe -j oe

Jiri Kraus jiri.kraus at scai.fraunhofer.de
Mon Sep 24 09:31:13 MDT 2007


I need to submit jobs to torque with disabled spooling for stderr and stdout, for this i use the option "-k oe", because 
i also want to join stdout and stderr i am also using "-j oe". This works fine, but i also need to use the option "-o", 
because torque is used as a backend for Globus GRAM. The Problem is that if i combine "-k oe" and "-o" the "-o" is 
ignored. Here is my test job
#PBS -k oe
#PBS -j oe


for i in `seq 1 10`; do
         sleep 10
         echo "$i"
echo "This also goes to stderr."
echo "This also goes to stderr." 1>&2
If i submit this job with the following command line

qsub -o `pwd`/testout.txt -d `pwd` test.sh

The output is written to test.sh.o<JOBID>. Is it not possible to combine "-o" and "-k oe", if so why? Is there any 
solution or workaround for this problem? If not what would you say would be a good solution that i could start to implement?

Best Regards,


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