[torqueusers] defining queues by user defined node features

P Spencer Davis psdavis at bsu.edu
Mon Sep 17 13:12:57 MDT 2007

One final problem, I had to change the queues so that they all have 
resource_min.nodes=1:x86 or resource_min.nodes=1:em64 in order have jobs 
that request more than one processor to get queued, however this means 
that qsub -l nodes=em64 will no longer work, nor will qsub -l 
nodes=n35:em64. Have I just made a mess of this, or do I need to add a 
set of serial queues as well?

P Spencer Davis wrote:
> Ok, I figured out my problem. It boils down to renaming the x86-64 
> variable in my nodes file. When it was changed to em64, with the 
> available_resource.nodes=em64 set for the short-64 and long-64 queues, 
> the jobs where being sorted into the proper queues. Then I set the 
> acl_hosts=n(n)+...+n(n+1), set acl_host_enable=false, restarted maui and 
>  torque and everything works.
>               Hope this helps someone else,
>               and thanks to the group for listening to me think my way    
>                out of the problem
>                           Spencer Davis
> P Spencer Davis wrote:
>> I tried shutting down Maui and running the default pbs_sched instead. 
>> No change in behavior.  I've set the resource_available.nodes to x86 
>> or x84-64 in the execution queues thinking that the routing queue 
>> would then route the 32 bit requests to short or long and the 64 bit 
>> jobs to short-64 or long-64 depending on the wall time requested, but 
>> that has no effect. At this point I have no idea what I am doing 
>> wrong, Any ideas?
>>                   Thanks,
>>                      Spencer
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