[torqueusers] problems running jobs: Error:Number of meshes not equal to number of threads

Nilesh Mistry Nilesh.Mistry at senecac.on.ca
Mon Sep 17 12:35:43 MDT 2007


I am having problems submitting job that requires 23 threads.  I keep 
getting the following error:

ERROR: Number of meshes not equal to number of thread

10 quad core nodes (therefore 40 processors available)

What do I need to insure in my job queue (qmgr) , maui (maui.cfg) and  
my submit script when using qsub?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Nilesh Mistry 
Academic Computing Services 
Seneca at York & TEL Campus 
Seneca College Of Applies Arts & Technology 
70 The Pond Road 
Toronto, Ontario 
M3J 3M6 Canada 
Phone 416 491 5050 ext 3788 
Fax 416 661 4695

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