[torqueusers] Why only alphabetic characters as the first character in a job name?

Troy Baer troy at osc.edu
Thu Sep 13 15:32:35 MDT 2007

>From the qsub manpage in TORQUE 2.1.6:

  -N name Declares a name for the job.  The name specified may be up to
          and including 15 characters in length.  It must consist  of
          printable, non white space characters with the first character

(Identical text is in the man page for qsub in OpenPBS 2.3.12, BTW.)

Why is it that the first character in a job name is required to be
alphabetic?  (This apparently comes from POSIX 1003.2d-1994, but I don't
have a copy of it handy.)  Would it cause horrible breakage to allow
alphanumeric characters as the first character of the job name instead
of strictly alphabetic?

The reason I bring it up is that we have a couple users at our site who
would like to have job names that start with a digit for data management

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