[torqueusers] ERROR: Number of meshes not equal to number of threads

Nilesh Mistry Nilesh.Mistry at senecac.on.ca
Thu Sep 13 07:26:20 MDT 2007


We are trying to submit jobs that require 64 threads.

We have 62 nodes (14 dual opterons nodes and 48 quad core nodes), 
therefore total of 220 processors.

When we submit the job using qsub with #PBS -l nodes=64, it should 
automatically pick enough nodes that give 64 processors.  But seems 
first it check if 64 physical nodes are available then it picks 64 
cpus.  And we get "ERROR: Number of meshes not equal to number of 
threads" in our log file.

However if we set #PBS -l nodes=60 the job will submit.

In maui.cfg we have jobnodematchpolicy = exactproc

If you require any further information please let me know.

Nilesh Mistry 
Academic Computing Services 
Seneca at York & TEL Campus 
Seneca College Of Applies Arts & Technology 
70 The Pond Road 
Toronto, Ontario 
M3J 3M6 Canada 
Phone 416 491 5050 ext 3788 
Fax 416 661 4695

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