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Newsletter – August/September 2007



1. Cluster Resources to Present / Exhibit at SC'07 in Reno, NV - Nov 13-15

2. Moab 5.2 Beta and 5.1.0p7 Now Available for Download

3. Partner News – Terra Soft Solutions and Power.org Present Cell 
II, Featuring TORQUE & MOAB on PlayStation 3, September 22-25

4. Cluster Resources to Provide Monthly FREE Online Training Session for 
Moab Evaluators

5. Did You Know? CALL FOR PAPERS — VTDC 2007

6. FAQs

1. Cluster Resources to Exhibit at SC'07 in Reno, Nevada November 13-15, 

Cluster Resources will be at Supercomputing 2007 in Reno, Nevada from 
November 13-15 in booth #1807. Visit the booth and learn more about Moab 
and Escalante.

A number of Cluster Resources' partners will also be present at SC’07:
Cisco/Topspin (booth 1121)
Cray, Inc. (booth 1628)
Dell (booth 1816)
HP (booth 1417)
IBM (booth 1215)
Linux Networx (booth 1237)
Panasas (booth 1037)
SGI (502)

To arrange for a private product demonstration or to schedule a meeting 
during the conference, please email _info at clusterresources.com 
<mailto:info at clusterresources.com>_ prior to the conference.


2. Moab 5.2 Now in Beta

Moab 5.2, which is scheduled for release at the end of September 2007, 
is now available for download — in Beta only — at 
www.clusterresources.com/downloads/mwm/. We have extended the Beta 
period for this version in order to allow more of our Moab users to test 
drive 5.2. Moab 5.2 includes bug fixes and many new feature enhancements.

Moab 5.1.0p7 is also now available to download from the download page.

See the changelog on the downloads page, for more information on the 
changes made in each version.


3. Terra Soft Solutions and Power.org Present Cell Hack-a-thon II, 
Featuring TORQUE & MOAB on PlayStation 3, in Austin, Texas, September 22-25

Cell Hack-a-thon II, a four-day event beginning two days before the 
Power Architecture Developer Conference, is a hands-on workshop in which 
six Sony PlayStation 3 consoles are concatenated into a supercomputing 
cluster. The Cell Broadband Engine, the innovative Power Architecture 
processor inside the PlayStation 3, has been dubbed a "supercomputer on 
a chip." Participants in the Cell Hack-a-thon II will work on head node 
installation, compute node image deployment, and use of TORQUE and MOAB 
for job management. Participants will also be invited to test their own 
parallel (MPI) and distributed (Torque) code.

Programmers and cluster users at all experience levels are welcome. 
Availability is limited due to the number of available Cell systems and 
facility accommodations. Hack-a-Thon dates are September 22-25.

Additional information and registration details can be found at:

http://www.power.org/email/devcon_080807 and


4. Cluster Resources to Provide Monthly FREE Online Training Session for 

Starting In September, Cluster Resources will provide monthly FREE Moab 
Eval Online Demonstrations. These interactive demonstrations will show 
how easy it is to evaluate Moab and the tools provided that make the 
evaluation simple and effective. The tutorial will cover how to use Moab 
as well as the following areas: Moab Architecture, Installation, 
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting, Admin tools, End User tools, and 
Testing Modes.

The demonstrations are scheduled for Sept. 18 and Sept. 19 at two 
different times to best accommodate users in the United States and EMEA 
regions. If a time does not work for you, please contact us at 
eval-support at clusterresources.com to schedule a demonstration outside 
the current times. More times and sessions focused on Moab Grid Suite 
will follow.

To Register for one of the time slots, please visit 

5. Did You Know: CALL FOR PAPERS — VTDC 2007

There will be a Workshop on Virtualization Technologies in Distributed 
Computing held in conjunction with SC 07, the International Conference 
for High Performance Computing, Networking and Storage.

Date: November, 2007, Reno, NV, USA

SC 07: _http://sc07.supercomputing.org/
VTDC 07: _http://workspace.globus.org/vtdc07/

General Information (from _http://workspace.globus.org/vtdc07/_)

“The convergence of virtualization technologies and distributed 
computing is an exciting development and the subject of much research in 
both academia and industry. The VTDC workshop is intended to be a forum 
for the exchange of ideas and experiences on the use of virtualization 
technologies in distributed computing, the challenges and opportunities 
offered by the development of virtual systems themselves, as well as 
case studies of application of virtualization.

The scope of "virtualization technologies" includes techniques and 
concepts to enable virtual machines, virtual networks, virtual data, 
virtual storage, virtual applications and virtual instruments. The scope 
of "distributed computing" includes Grid-computing, cluster computing, 
peer-to-peer computing and mobile computing.

VTDC 2007 topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Using virtualization technologies for resource management and QoS 
- Security aspects of using virtualization in a distributed environment
- Virtual networks
- Virtual data and storage systems
- Fault tolerance in virtualization
- Virtualization in P2P
- Monitoring techniques in virtualization
- Virtualization-based adaptive/autonomic systems
- Virtual datacenters
- Virtual environment factories and services
- Environment configuration
- Virtual machine management
- Modeling (applications and systems)
- Case studies of applications using virtual technologies
- Deployment studies of virtualization technologies
- Tools relevant to virtualization
- Virtualization as vehicle for outsourcing

Paper Submission:

Authors are invited to submit original and unpublished work that exposes 
a new problem, advocates a specific solution, or reports on actual 
experience. Papers should be submitted as full-length 8 page papers of 
double column text using single spaces 10pt size type on an 8.5"x11" 
paper, as per IEEE manuscript guidelines. Paper submission instructions 
will be placed on the workshop web page at 
http://workspace.globus.org/vtdc07. Presentations will be invited based 
on the originality, technical merit, and topical relevance of their 

Please contact _vtdc07 at mcs.anl.gov with questions.”

Important dates:

September 24, 2007 - Paper submission
October 16, 2007 - Notification of acceptance
October 26, 2007 - Final version due

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Cluster Resources has posted answers to frequently asked technical 
questions at 

Cluster Resources has a Moab Evaluation Product FAQ page located at: 

Cluster Resources offers FREE evaluation copies of Moab Grid Suite at 
http://www.clusterresources.com/grideval. This allows current Moab 
customers and all others to evaluate Moab's grid and cluster functionality.

During the evaluation period, contact eval-support at clusterresources.com 
for free evaluation support.

For more information on Moab Grid Suite, go to 

Contact Us:
Send inquiries regarding Products, Product Feedback, Technical Support, 
Consulting or Custom Development to info at clusterresources.com or phone 
+1 (801) 717-3700.

Copyright © 2007 Cluster Resources, Inc. All rights reserved. Cluster 
Resources, Moab, Moab Cluster Manager, Moab Grid Suite and Moab Access 
Portal are registered trademarks of Cluster Resources, Inc. Any other 
company or product names may be the property of that company.

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