[torqueusers] fairshare setup question

scoggins jscoggins at lbl.gov
Wed Sep 5 18:14:42 MDT 2007

I have a question relating to fairshare.  I have a subset of nodes in  
a large cluster
simi grouped out to different sets of users.  I would like to set up  
maui to do the following:

1.  partition the cluster into groups of nodes - say nodes1-100 will  
be to partition group x
     and nodes 101-200 to partition group y, and nodes 201-300 to  
partition group z, etc.

2.  Because the nodes will be partitioned I would like to have each  
user that belongs to
      the nodes of partition x have a fairshare setup so that no user  
in their group can hog the machine
     and all users get an equal share of the computing resources.   
Keep in mind we don't
    have unique GID's art this time and users are only defined via  
the password file on the
    master node.

I am running torque/maui the lastest version of both.  I have a maui  
generic configuration
at this time and would like to see how to do fairshare with the 2 above.

Please help.



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