[torqueusers] torque setting ulimit -l

Brett Pemberton brett at vpac.org
Tue Oct 30 21:35:29 MDT 2007


Experiencing an odd issue that I can seemingly only blame on torque.
Would love some assistance.

[brett at tango ping]$ ssh tango010 ulimit -l
[brett at tango ping]$ qsub -l nodes=tango010:ppn=2 -l walltime=0:5:0 -I
qsub: waiting for job 22605.tango-m.vpac.org to start
qsub: job 22605.tango-m.vpac.org ready

[brett at tango010 ~]$ ulimit -l
[brett at tango010 ~]$ grep -i unlimited /etc/security/limits.conf
* soft memlock unlimited
* hard memlock unlimited

Why is torque limiting the memlock so low, and how can I stop it from
doing this?

what is even stranger:

[brett at tango ping]$ qsub -l nodes=tango001:ppn=2 -l walltime=0:5:0 -I
qsub: waiting for job 22606.tango-m.vpac.org to start
uqsub: job 22606.tango-m.vpac.org ready

[brett at tango001 ~]$ ulimit -l

why is it only doing it on SOME nodes ?
I'm quite baffled by this.


	/ Brett

Brett Pemberton - VPAC Systems Programmer
http://www.vpac.org/ - (03) 9925 4899
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