[torqueusers] Max number of nodes

シピオニ ロベルト SCIPIONI.Roberto at nims.go.jp
Sat Oct 20 21:32:47 MDT 2007

Dear users,

I have a Linux Cluster with 6 dual nodes
and I would like to set a queue where jobs are only allowed
if a certain number of nodes and/or cpus are used

I used the command

set queue batch resources_min.nodes = 2

and it does allow jobs to be submiited only if I ask two nodes at least.

However, If I add in qmgr  

set queue batch resources_max.nodes = 2

It does not work

The submission script test.sh allows me to choose any number of nodes above the minimum.

My question is:

1 ] Why is the minimum nodes setting not rewritable by the script while I can decide number of CPUS and Nodes as long as the minimum number of nodes is satisfied

2] How do I ask Torque to specify (in a way that it cannot be overridden by the submission script) to use per job a maximum number of nodes/cpus

Thanks for your help

Roberto Scipioni
ICYS Research Fellow
ICYS Cluster Manager 

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