[torqueusers] restrict users to maximim number of nodes.

Yonas B. Abraham is-cluster at wfu.edu
Fri Oct 12 11:54:34 MDT 2007


Is there a way to configure torque/Maui so that you can restrict
no user should use more that specified number of nodes? I know how to
 restrict the max #of CPU's and nodes for a given to use, But i
can't figure it out per user base.

the issue is, If I have says 100 nodes and no one is using the nodes
(all are free), I don't want a single user submit 100 jobs and use all
there nodes.  I was looking of a ways say " a user can use a maximum of
70 nodes at a time". so  when a user submit 100 jobs the system will
run the first 70 and put the 30 jobs on queue, even thought there are
30 nodes idle. 

any idea? 


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