[torqueusers] disabling direct access to compute nodes

Miguel Oliveira m.a.oliveira at coimbra.lip.pt
Fri Oct 5 13:09:01 MDT 2007

Bas van der Vlies wrote:
> Markus Seto wrote:
>> Hi, I've recently started fiddling with a torque installation, and was
>> wondering if it's possible to disable direct access to the compute nodes
>> from the master node.  I've noticed some users cheating the system and
>> directly logging into compute nodes to run jobs, and I want to force
>> them to use the queue system, but I was told that direct access with ssh
>> keys is needed for torque to run.  any ideas?
>> markus 
Instead of actually blocking them, there might be valid reasons to keep 
access open,
it is usually better to make it a bad idea to run outside the queing system.
Try something like:


ulimit -s unlimited

if [ "$PBS_ENVIRONMENT" = "" ]; then
   if [ "$USER" = "root" ]; then
        ulimit -t unlimited
        ulimit -t 300

That might give them a scare!!!!

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