[torqueusers] Problem getting job info with job arrays

Ari Pollak aripollak at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 11:49:01 MST 2007

On Nov 25, 2007 9:49 AM, Glen Beane <glen.beane at gmail.com> wrote:
> can you give me a little info about your setup?  What is your OS and version?

I'm using Debian GNU/Linux 4.0, without any special configuration
option to Torque 2.2.1, and using pbs_sched. All of the MOMs have a
config file with '$usecp *:/ /' to assume shared NFS everywhere.
Here's the server config:

# Create and define queue customQ
create queue customQ
set queue customQ queue_type = Execution
set queue customQ resources_default.walltime = 24:00:00
set queue customQ enabled = True
set queue customQ started = True
# Set server attributes.
set server scheduling = True
set server acl_host_enable = False
set server log_events = 511
set server mail_from = adm
set server query_other_jobs = True
set server scheduler_iteration = 600
set server node_check_rate = 120
set server tcp_timeout = 6
set server default_node = 1:accumulator
set server node_pack = False
set server log_level = 0
set server pbs_version = 2.2.1
set server submit_hosts = englab02
set server submit_hosts += englab03
set server log_file_max_size = 100000
set server log_file_roll_depth = 4

> in your example qstat -f 9443-5 works perfectly for me
> I don't see the "Unauthorized Request" on my Linux development
> machine.   I was able to reproduce it on an OS X box, but that had
> some configuration issues. I will fix the torque configuration and see
> if the error persists. It may only happen when jobs are in certain
> states.  Right now I am thinking the problem has to do with a job
> being in the "E" state.  Can you confirm that you only get the
> Unauthorized Request message if one of the jobs is in the "E" state?

I can't seem to reproduce the error with qstat -f anymore unless the
job is totally gone, even if the job is in the E state. However, I can
always reproduce the qdel warning/error even if there were no jobs in
the E state when running qdel.

There's one more interesting thing I did notice though - if I specify
qsub -o /users/apollak, normally the log files will be automatically
placed in that directory with an appropriately named file like
10458.englab.OU. If I use -o with -t, the filenames come out as -0,
-1, -2, and so on.

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