[torqueusers] Not Running - PBS Error: Premature end of message

Samir Khanal skhanal at bgsu.edu
Wed Nov 7 18:53:43 MST 2007


I submitted a job using QSUB on the PBS

But the message below says that  "Not Running - PBS Error: Premature end of message"

I restarted the server, mom and sched but still i cannot pull it out.

I tried qsig -n SIGNULL jobid , qsig -s SIGKILL jobid, but no success.

I even KILLED the pbs_mom on the defective nodes, started it again and tried the qsig again, but it is still there.

Strangely when i do qdel 23848.bwp4 the prompt doesnot return, as if waiting for some input ? Has anyone come across this probelm?

This job seems to be stuck there forever.

Job ID          Username Queue    Jobname    SessID NDS TSK Memory Time  S Time
--------------- -------- -------- ---------- ------ --- --- ------ ----- - -------------------------------------------------
23848.bwp4. skhanal  parallel       my_paralle    --        5  --    --             02:40 R   --

   Not Running - PBS Error: Premature end of message

Please help, I am stuck.


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