[torqueusers] Example or test programs?

Rob Lines rlinesseagate at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 12:48:47 MDT 2007

This may sound like a cart before the horse situation but I have built a
small torque cluster 5 nodes and a server but now I am trying to find
something to run on them to learn how the system works.

I have tried some google searches for test programs and I only seem to come
up with examples of how to create the script to submit it to the queue.  If
anyone has a hello world simple program that generates enough processing
cycles to actually see how to the queue works and moves things about I would
be very appreciative to get a copy of the binary/source.  It has just been
too many years since my programming classes in college.

I appreciate any help or direction that anyone can provide.

Thank you,

Cluster overview
5 x P4 2.5 ghz 512 mb RAM cluster nodes running Centos 4.4
1x P4 2.0 ghz 512 mb RAM headnode running centos 4.4

The interconnect is 100 mb ethernet in an isolated network for the cluster.

The head node is dual homed.

Thank you again for any help.
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