[torqueusers] can I add to the walltime of a running job?

David B Jackson jacksond at clusterresources.com
Tue Mar 27 21:02:50 MDT 2007


  Moab/TORQUE does this (via 'mjobctl -m walltime+=X <JOBID>') so I know
the TORQUE supports this at some level.  However, I do not believe Maui
supports this.  You may need to restart Maui after making the change
within TORQUE.

  I will try to find out how what we do within Moab to make this work and
report back.


> I want the ability to change the walltime of a running job in
> torque/maui so as to extend its time --- i.e., kind like a renew of the
> job's lease.
> is that possible?
> I could use qalter -l walltime=newtime+same_resources  but qalter is not
> defined for a job already running.
> thanks,
> -- pete
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