[torqueusers] TORQUE 2.1.8 released

Garrick Staples garrick at clusterresources.com
Tue Mar 13 00:54:42 MDT 2007

TORQUE 2.1.8 is now available for download.  Some long-standing bugs
including one segfault in pbs_mom were fixed.

The nifty things:
 'pbsnodes -l' can take a node ":attribute".
   For example, 'pbsnodes -l :opteron' will show all down,offline nodes
   with the "opteron" attribute.

 'pbsnodes -n' can add notes for individual nodes.  This is particularly
   useful for leaving maintaince notes for yourself and other admins.

 Requeued jobs will now get exec_host and session_id cleared.  This has
   long been a frustration for some 3rd party utils.

  b - stop possible memory corruption with an invalid request type (StockholmU)
  b - add node name to pbsnodes XML output (NCIFCRF)
  b - correct Resource_list in qstat XML output (NCIFCRF)
  b - pam_authuser fixes from uam.es
  e - allow 'pbsnodes -l' to work with a node spec
  b - clear exec_host and session_id on job requeue
  b - fix mom child segfault when a user env var has a '%'
  b - correct buggy logging in chk_job_request() (StockholmU)
  e - pbs_mom shouldn't require server_name file unless it is actually
      going to be read (StockholmU)
  f - new "node note" feature with pbsnodes -n

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