[torqueusers] Allocating resources by CPUs

Martins, Flavio fmartins at fttinc.com
Mon Mar 12 12:57:29 MDT 2007

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>On Mon, Mar 12, 2007 at 08:08:58AM -0400, Martins, Flavio alleged:
>>     Resource_List.ncpus = 20
>>     Resource_List.neednodes = 8
>>     Resource_List.nodect = 8
>>     Resource_List.nodes = 8
>8 20-CPU nodes?  That's a log of horsepower!
>I think you have an extra default ncpus in there somewhere :)
I have been desperately trying every config change I see in the archives
of this mailing list. Someone suggested setting the resource_list.ncpus
to a high value for a similar problem, so I tried it.

20 is the total cpu count I have (5 nodes / 4 cpus/node). I want torque
to find me 8 available cpus (and I don't care on which nodes).

Maybe I need to set the resource_list.ncpus to 1? I'm not yet familiar
with what these parameters really mean.

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