[torqueusers] Maui Torque throughput

Per Alexius alexius at pdc.kth.se
Fri Mar 9 11:09:40 MST 2007


Perhaps this is a somewhat odd question but anyway. I'm using Maui and 
Torque in a very 'synthetic' use case where I would like to reduce the 
queuing overhead as much as possible. The jobs i put into the queue are 
more or less no-op jobs and I just want to minimize the time it takes 
for all jobs to get through. I'm running everything on one node, 
including the jobs to be run (told you it was synthetic...) and the 
things I've done so far is to adjust the RMPOLLINTERVAL in maui.cfg to 1 
sec (guess that's minimum, right?) and I have also set np=<large number> 
in the nodes file in order to fool the queue to start many jobs 
simultaneously. It still takes some time though to get jobs through the 
queue so my question is - are there any more parameters that I can tweak 
in order to reduce the time even more?

Thanks in advance!


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