[torqueusers] Allocating resources by CPUs

Martins, Flavio fmartins at fttinc.com
Fri Mar 9 06:55:19 MST 2007

Sorry to be revisiting this topic.


I have been looking through the archives and have found many threads on
this subject, but I am still having problems. 

I want to allocate on a CPU basis and let TORQUE figure out which nodes
to load up. I don't want to turn on the packing feature since I would
prefer to load the nodes randomly.

I have 4 nodes with 4 cpus each. The nodes file is set up correctly with
"n0 np=4" type statements for each of the nodes.

I tried setting the resources_available_nodect parameter to 16 as
mentioned in previous suggestions to this problem. This allows me to
submit the job, but then it just sits in q status waiting for resources
to become available.


I am running the default scheduler with TORQUE.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Flavio Martins

Aerodynamics / CFD

Florida Turbine Technologies


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