[torqueusers] How do I track what's going on during a job'sexecution

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Fri Mar 2 01:44:53 MST 2007

I initially thought I needed one big log per queue that got appended
live by every running job, but now I use different names for the jobs
and it works fine tracking what has happened. I have also found (by
using qpeek - thanks for the tip - even though qpeek itself didnt work
to well for me) that the active jobs output can be found i torque's
spool-folder so now I can see the progress of what I am doing. Great!

Craig Macdonald skrev:
> You handle output yourself, ie in the job, put /var/log/torque-$PBS_JOBID.log
> Or alternatively, let torque put the log file where it wants, then use
> the qpeek utility which is included in the contrib folder of Torque.
> C
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> Subject: [torqueusers] How do I track what's going on during a job'sexecution
> First of all, I simply love Torque and how well it handles, queues and
> preocesses my jobs.
> Seeing X amount of jobs on queue with 1 running with the help of qstat
> is ok to check overall progress, but I'd really like to tap in on the
> executing command's stdout output to see what's going on at the moment.
> I have tried the following:
> echo "echo test1 && sleep 10 && echo test2 && sleep 10" | qsub -o
> /var/log/torque.log -j oe
> echo "echo test3 && sleep 10 && echo test4 && sleep 10" | qsub -o
> /var/log/torque.log -j oe
> But problems are:
> 1) torque.log is overwritten and not appended to for each knew job
> 2) torque.log is not written to before the job is finished, making it
> impossible to track progress of executing command if the command outputs
> progress information etc
> If you have any recommendation I am eager to hear it. All tips appreciated!
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