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Cluster Resources Newsletter – February/March 2006

Optimizing your Compute Resources


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1. Cluster Resources Announces Integration of Moab with Panasas 
ActiveScale Storage Cluster

2. Technical Training Slots Still Available

3. New Moab Evaluations

4. Moab Admin Manual PDF

5. DID YOU KNOW: Hard Policy Based Reservations


*Cluster Resources Announces Integration of Moab with Panasas 
ActiveScale Storage Cluster*

Cluster Resources, Inc. recently unveiled a new partnership with 
Panasas, Inc., delivering a holistic next-generation, compute and 
storage solution through the integration of Cluster Resources’ Moab 
Workload Manager^TM with the Panasas ActiveScale^® Storage Cluster. This 
combined solution is believed by many to be the next logical step in the 
evolution of the cluster, allowing more unified system optimization, 
more adaptable resources and more powerful policy-based service delivery.

The integration of these technologies provides Moab with the information 
it needs to more efficiently drive user workloads in a storage-aware 
manner, avoiding failures and data bottlenecks while intelligently 
directing the ActiveScale Storage Cluster to adapt to storage 
requirements of the upcoming workload schedule. This partnership is 
creating a complete clustered environment that optimizes compute and 
storage resources for maximized return on investment.

“The collaborative work of Cluster Resources and Panasas enables HPC 
customers to more fully maximize the value of their infrastructure by 
tightly mapping Panasas Storage Clusters to the workload that accesses 
them under a single policy engine,” said Len Rosenthal, chief marketing 
officer of Panasas. “Customers will have the ability to schedule and run 
workloads in order to achieve maximum I/O performance in an intelligent 
and highly adaptive manner in line with high-level mission objectives.”

Cluster Resources and Panasas are currently delivering on the early 
phases of the integration effort allowing Moab to automatically learn 
and even predict the I/O requirements and characteristics of cluster 
workload. Further, Panasas is generating and exporting storage 
contention information that is now being used by Moab to prevent 
over-commitment of storage resources, minimizing data thrashing through 
intelligent workload selection.

Read the full press release at:



*Technical Training Slots Still Available*

The time is getting closer to Cluster Resource’s free technical training 
on March 23 and 26. Slots are still available for both days. The 
training will consist of six one-hour classes repeated two days. 
Customers and partners will be given first priority and other slots will 
be filled as space allows. At the same time, we are hosting on site 
training for anyone that can travel to our Provo, UT headquarters 
location. This will allow you to meet face-to-face with the Moab 

The six topics to be covered are:

- Grids

- QoS enforcement

- Stats analysis

- Troubleshooting

- Prioritization and Fairshare

- Moab in the data center

Complete details about connecting into the conference, call in numbers, 
training order, etc. will be provided next week to those that sign up or 
inquire about the training.

If you would like to receive an invitation to the training, please 
e-mail jennat at clusterresources.com <mailto:jennat at clusterresources.com>.

Training recordings will be posted on line after the live training 
session. To view last year’s training session, go to 


*New Moab Evaluations*

Moab 5.0 evaluation builds are available on the Cluster Resources eval 
web site. When Moab 5.1 is released soon, an updated evaluation build 
will be available as well.

Moab evaluations are fully functional and also allow you to try out the 
graphical tools, Moab Cluster Manager and Moab Access Portal. 
Evaluations last for 45 days before you will need to contact Cluster 
Resources to obtain a license.

The new releases of Moab are significant because they mark definitive 
upgrades to their grid and utility computing abilities. Moab 5.0 has 
added functionality in the areas of data staging, virtualization, new 
diagnostics, and scalability. Moab 5.1 will improve upon that even more 
with added integration with SLURM. More information will be available 
soon regarding the Moab 5.1 release. See the CHANGES file contained in 
the Moab binary for a detailed explanation of new features, 
enhancements, and fixes.

These new evaluation builds give you the opportunity to try many of the 
new features included in Moab 5.x.

To download the evaluation for clusters go to: 

To download the evaluation for grids go to: 


*Moab** Admin Manual PDF*

The Moab admin manual PDF has been updated with changes for Moab 5.0. 
This PDF will be update again soon with the release of Maob 5.1.

You can view the PDF at: http://www.clusterresources.com/documentation

(The link is next to the Admin Manual for Moab Workload Manager)


*DID YOU KNOW: **Hard Policy Based Reservations*

Reservations contain multiple ACL modifiers to help change the default 
behavior of ACL processing.

The recently added ACL modifier, HPEnable, allows you to determine which 
credentials receive preferential access to a reservation. By adding a ~ 
to a credential list, such as USERLIST, the credential will be ignored 
during /soft policy/ scheduling and will only be considered for 
/hard-policy/ scheduling once all eligible soft policy jobs have been 

SRCFG[reservation1] USERLIST=john,~bill

In this example, all john's jobs will allowed to run in the reservation 
at any time. Bill’s jobs will also be allowed to run in this 
reservation, but only considered after all of john's jobs are given an 
opportunity to start. John's jobs will be considered before bill’s jobs 
regardless of job priority.

For more information on HPEnable see see ACL Modifiers in the 
Moab documentation.



*Contact Us: *

Product Feedback, Technical Support, Consulting and Custom Development 
queries can be sent to info at clusterresources.com 
<mailto:info at clusterresources.com> or call us at +1 (801) 873-3400

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Portal^TM are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cluster
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