[torqueusers] RE: 67 queues?

David Golden dgolden at cp.dias.ie
Thu Mar 1 10:53:20 MST 2007

On Thursday 01 March 2007 16:29, Sam Rash wrote:
> What dave/Garrick seem to say is that set the queue number at 32 or 64
> works I guess.  3 will be reserved for none, all, and something else?  Just
> default queues maui makes.
> You then have 32-3 or 64-3 user queues you can have
> However, assuming torque lets me make 1024 queues (god help me why I
> would), maui just takes the top or first sent (? Not clear here
> Garrick/maui ppl) say 61 (assume max queues 64) and creates
> class/partitions for them.  The other 1024-61 (tired, can't do math) will
> all get lumped into default or all or something.  They run, but priorities
> won't necessarily be respected as I follow.
> Make sense David G?

Well, at this stage, I don't know:

FWIW, our system,  maui-3.2.6p16, at time of writing:

# showconfig | grep CLASSCFG | wc -l

- that includes NONE and ALL, and a routing queue which isn't
in maui.cfg but shows up in the showconfig list (so maui must
be getting it from torque), so 67 execution queues.

I'm just going to have to do a practical test  to see if priorities are
actually being respected I guess.  I've just set every class's priority to
a unique value* and it's  definitely correctly reflected for all 67 queues 
in "diagnose -c" - what I haven't done yet is submitted a job to every
queue and verified what priority it really gets by virtue of being in a 
particular queue.

* Actually, until this test, we've been assigning a CLASSCFG QDEF and
setting a priority  in the QOSCFG rather than using CLASSCFG PRIORITY= ...
... and we usually only have a single-digit number of QoSes...

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