[torqueusers] RE: 67 queues?

Sam Rash srash at yahoo-inc.com
Thu Mar 1 09:29:15 MST 2007

What dave/Garrick seem to say is that set the queue number at 32 or 64 works
I guess.  3 will be reserved for none, all, and something else?  Just
default queues maui makes.

You then have 32-3 or 64-3 user queues you can have

However, assuming torque lets me make 1024 queues (god help me why I would),
maui just takes the top or first sent (? Not clear here Garrick/maui ppl)
say 61 (assume max queues 64) and creates class/partitions for them.  The
other 1024-61 (tired, can't do math) will all get lumped into default or all
or something.  They run, but priorities won't necessarily be respected as I

Make sense David G?

We had 22 queues in torque, max queues 16 in maui, so 13/22 'existed' in
maui, but Alexander noticed priorities not being respected, so we looked
closer and found most recently creation 9 queues did not show in maui.


Sam Rash
srash at yahoo-inc.com

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On Thursday 01 March 2007 15:39, Sam Rash wrote:
> Holy crud.
> I spoke with dave and he said there's old-school bitpacking into 32-bit
> ints going on (I'm assuming 31 bits, 0/1 each indicates attribute of
> Something like that?)
> You say wait...67 queues in torque, but define 72 in maui?
> Dave, how is this so?
> Maybe 'queue' isn't the same here in our ling

Or maybe it  doesn't work right at all and we've just been lucky
so far! I didn't look into it deeply.  Also, we're building maui on a 
64-bit-int platform, maybe it's working for 64 of 67 queues ?

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