[torqueusers] maui diagnose reports no nodes - Scheduler does not start jobs

Anne M. Hammond hammond at txcorp.com
Thu Mar 1 06:56:42 MST 2007

Thanks Ronny.

In Patch 19, this was default permission on maui:
-rwx--x--x   1 hammond admin 3266002 Feb 27 08:21 maui

[hammond at storage3 sbin]$ sudo chmod 755 maui
[hammond at storage3 sbin]$ sudo /usr/local/maui/sbin/maui
ERROR:    user root (UID: 0) is not authorized to run this program
INFO:     please go away.

set server managers = hammond at storage3.cl.txcorp.com
set server operators = hammond at storage3.cl.txcorp.com

# primary admin must be first in list
ADMIN1                hammond

I'll check the url again.

Anne M. Hammond - Systems / Network Administration - Tech-X Corp
                   hammond_at_txcorp.com 720-974-1840

On Thu, 1 Mar 2007, Ronny T. Lampert wrote:

>> The maui scheduler still does not start jobs.  However,
>> "sudo qrun {nn}" works.  Does this mean it's a permissions
>> issue?
>> [...]
>> maui is running as user hammond.
> I think this is your problem: Can you first try running maui as root, just to 
> test? I wanted to run maui as another user as well, but I gave up.
> I think you need to authorize hammond at XXXXX in torque to have special manager 
> access (Garrick, I know you know more ;)).
> Also please have a thourough look at (if you've forgotten something):
> http://www.clusterresources.com/products/maui/docs/pbsintegration.shtml
> Hope that helps a bit.
> -R

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