[torqueusers] maui diagnose reports no nodes - Scheduler does not start jobs

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 02:12:52 MST 2007

> The maui scheduler still does not start jobs.  However,
> "sudo qrun {nn}" works.  Does this mean it's a permissions
> issue?
> [...]
> maui is running as user hammond.

I think this is your problem: Can you first try running maui as root, 
just to test? I wanted to run maui as another user as well, but I gave up.
I think you need to authorize hammond at XXXXX in torque to have special 
manager access (Garrick, I know you know more ;)).

Also please have a thourough look at (if you've forgotten something):

Hope that helps a bit.

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