[torqueusers] qstat/qsub from foreign hosts - No Permission

Kevin Ying kying at pppl.gov
Wed Jun 27 09:13:38 MDT 2007

Hi there,

I newly installed torque 2.1.8 on our test cluster.  I am able to submit jobs
to the cluster on the server HostA, where pbs_server and pbs_sched are
running, but if I submit jobs from HostB (qstat,qsub), I got
		No Permission.
		qstat: cannot connect to server HostA (errno=15007)

Even if I have pbs server configured with
		# qmgr -c 'l s submit_hosts'
		Server HostA:13001
		        submit_hosts = HostB.pppl.gov

This did not help either:
		# cat $TORQUE_HOME/torque.cfg
		SUBMITHOSTS     HostB.pppl.gov

I verified that HostB was connecting to the propere port on HostA, there was
no network problems.  Any idea?

        - Kevin Ying
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory		Email : kying at pppl.gov
P.O. Box 451, MS-09				Phone : (609) 243-2718
Princeton, NJ 08543-0451			Fax   : (609) 243-3086

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