[torqueusers] definition of "master" and "head"

Craig Macdonald craigm at dcs.gla.ac.uk
Tue Jun 26 03:30:18 MDT 2007

In some context, my understanding is that
 * master is the node which controls the cluster, eg that runs the 
 * head is a node onto which the uses logon to submit jobs. This is 
often the
    same node as the master node, but not always
In torque,
 * the first node in an MPI (or multi-node) job is the Mother Superior
    while the other nodes in the job are called it's sisters



Anne M. Hammond wrote:
> What is the correct definition of the terms master and head?
> Are these the same name for the node or machine that pbs_server and
> the scheduler run on?
> Or is the "head" where pbs_server runs, and "master" is the first node
> assigned to a queued job, which generally controls an mpi job?
> Is there another term for this first node assigned by torque?
> Control node?
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