[torqueusers] Debugging pbs_server

Adam Steenwyk ajamess at umich.edu
Wed Jun 20 11:27:37 MDT 2007

Hello everyone,

I am debugging some of the GSSAPI branch code and am wondering how to debug
the pbs_server code.  Debugging the mom is pretty straightforward, as it
does not fork off children.  However, the server does and is causing
headaches as to coming back to the parent process after a fork.  I am using
gdb set follow-fork-mode child to get to the children, but am confused as
how to get back to the parent once the children are gone.  I don't think set
follow-fork-mode parent within the child is the solution.  Is there a way to
build / configure the server such that it does not fork?  Better yet, is
there a tool I can be using to help debug this stuff easier?


CAC - University of Michigan
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