[torqueusers] RFC: job-state diagram

Paul Millar p.millar at physics.gla.ac.uk
Wed Jun 20 11:05:19 MDT 2007

On Tuesday 19 June 2007 16:28, Caird, Andrew J wrote:
> I believe Torque also has a "C" state for "completed" - I didn't notice
> that in the spec.

True.  (JOB_STATE_COMPLETE in src/include/job.h)

Another possibility is 'U' for Unknown (although hopefully not too common a 

Digging around, it seems that "Suspended" is actually a sub-state of "Running" 
(JOB_SUBSTATE_SUSPEND).  Whether a job is in Suspended state seems to be 
stored differently for other states (see set_statechar() in 

I guess its best to pretend that Suspend is a "real" state as torque seems to 
do this with qstat.


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