[torqueusers] PBS mom not starting on node on reboot

Anand Nilekar aunilekar at wisc.edu
Wed Jun 20 09:49:52 MDT 2007

Yes, the said partition was mounted using NFS. However, Rajiv's fix (of not
having the dir the universally readable) in an earlier email solved the

Thanks to both of you for replying.


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Is the said pertition shared using NFS
On 6/19/07, Anand Nilekar <aunilekar at wisc.edu> wrote:
Hi all,

We recently installed Torque on our local cluster, and everything was
running fine.

However, we had to reboot some of the nodes because of other issues, and
when a node is rebooted, the pbs_mom doesn't start on the node. The 
pbs_server on the master node seems to be running fine, except that it
classifies the node as "DOWN", even after several minutes of rebooting the
node (taking into account the 10-minute cycle for 'ping'ing by the server to

the node). When we attempt a restart of the pbs_mom on the node locally, we
get the following problem:
Starting PBS
pbs_mom: Permission denied (13) in chk_file_sec, Security violation with 
PBS mom

I quickly want to mention that this is being done as 'root'. Any

Thank you very much in advance.


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