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Cluster Resources(R)
Newsletter - June 2007



1. Cluster Resources to Present / Exhibit at ISC'07 in Dresden, Germany
2. Training Sessions Now Available Online
4. FAQs


1. Cluster Resources to Exhibit at ISC'07 in Dresden, Germany

Cluster Resources will be exhibiting at ISC'07 June 26-28, 2007. We invite
you to visit us at booth D15. We will be represented by Michael A. Jackson,
President of Cluster Resources, along with Daniel Soar (EMEA Business
Development Manager) and two members of our EMEA systems engineering staff. 

We encourage you to stop by booth D15 to meet the team and learn more about
the Moab family of products. We will be demonstrating these and other
related products at the booth. 

Additionally, Jackson will host a seminar at the ISC'07 Exhibitor Forum.
This presentation will explain how organizations around the world can deploy
a fully supported HPC software stack offering -- with out-of-the-box ease
for rich HPC capabilities -- at no more than the cost of a support package.

Attendees may contact Jackson in advance of the Exhibitor Forum session
(info at clusterresources.com) to express interest in specific related
discussion topics; and are encouraged to attend the session on Thursday,
June 28, 2007 at 11:00am in Conference Room 4.

A number of Cluster Resources' partners will also be present at ISC:
 Cray, Inc. (booth B28)
 Dell (booth B13/14)
 GridwiseTech (booth D16)
 HP (booth B19-24)
 IBM (booth C11-14)
 Megware Computer (C16)
 Panasas (booth B16/18)
 SGI (D37-40)

To arrange for a private product demonstration or to schedule a meeting
during the conference, please email info at clusterresources.com prior to the


2. Moab Training Webinars / Technical Training Sessions

Cluster Resources provides regularly scheduled administrative and end-user
training sessions for resource management, scheduling, policy management and
other workload centric middleware. Areas of focus include management,
optimization and troubleshooting of cluster, grid, and utility/hosted
computing environments. Download the PowerPoint presentations shown during
the sessions, and view videos of these technical training sessions. Browse
to http://www.clusterresources.com/techtraining.

If you have topic suggestions for future Moab Technical Training 
sessions, please email them to moab-community at clusterresources.com.    


3. Did You Know: 

Did you know you can create a grid out of your clusters quickly and easily
with Moab? Simply install Moab on each cluster in the grid, add a couple of
configuration parameters, and the Moab servers will begin to communicate and
migrate jobs between clusters to better utilize available resources.

Cluster Resources offers FREE evaluation copies of Moab Grid Suite at 
http://www.clusterresources.com/grideval. This allows current Moab customers
and all others to evaluate Moab's grid and cluster functionality.

During the evaluation period, contact eval-support at clusterresources.com for
free evaluation support. 

For more information on Moab Grid Suite, go to


4. Frequently Asked Questions

Cluster Resources has posted answers to frequently asked technical 
questions at

Cluster Resources also has a Moab Evaluation Product FAQ page located at:


Contact Us:
Send inquiries regarding Products, Product Feedback, Technical Support, 
Consulting or Custom Development to info at clusterresources.com, or phone 
+1 (801)717-3700.

Moab(R), Moab Cluster Manager(R), Moab Grid Suite(R) and Moab Access
Portal(R) are registered trademarks of Cluster Resources, Inc.(R).

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