[torqueusers] still having modules environment / Torque shell interaction problems

Garrick Staples garrick at clusterresources.com
Wed Jun 13 23:23:16 MDT 2007

On Sat, Jun 09, 2007 at 04:04:47PM -0400, David Backeberg alleged:
> I have a working solution now, I modified the script packed with
> modules-environment 3.2.5, and added one line, just below where the
> function modules is defined.
> export -f modules
> It occurred to me that all the environmental variables were making it
> into the PBS shell, and maybe I needed to find a way to export the
> function too. With the export -f in place, I'm now getting modules
> working within the PBS shell, without having to do the
> bash -l
> trick.

How does that work?  How is a function exportable?

I see 'export -f' in the bash help and manpage, but I don't understand
how a function could be inherited by a child process.

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