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Walid walid.shaari at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 01:23:36 MDT 2007

On 6/7/07, Walid <walid.shaari at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Lennart,
> The nodes are mostly busy most of the time, these clusters are utilized
> 99.9 % the jobs are around 2-3 days long seismic jobs, and there are lots
> of them queued for a couple of days at least before they are due to run. now
> what we have is a number of clusters each is 128 node, what we want to do is
> to create a big pool of nodes and utilize the nodeset to ensure network
> locality for the job/cluster, and as there will be nodes down for one reason
> or another, or nodes that are under testing, we would like to the scheduler
> to know by it self what is the maximum number of nodes it can allocate to
> the single job, that is the user script will say either full, half, and
> quarter that is qsub=%resources not -l nodes=Number required. and according
> to who many online nodes available the full would be 128 or a little bit
> less, half would b 64 nodes or little bit less, we would like this to be
> automated, Load leveler does that, and i was wondering if this is possible
> with Moab/Maui & Torque

one  usage scenario would be  qsub -l nodes=100-128:ppn=2 instead of qsub -l
nodes=128:ppn nodes so that if there is 28 nodes or less " e.g rack problem"
the job would still run on the other racks that is 100 nodes or more upto


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