[torqueusers] Some questions on elipogue/prologue

David Backeberg david.backeberg at case.edu
Thu Jun 7 12:00:48 MDT 2007

Thanks for the suggestion.

I think I had two problems, one of which was not building Torque with
your suggested arguments, disable-shell-pipe and enable-shell-use-argv

After doing that I still had the same problem, but I think there was
something specifically weird with the version of modules-environment I
was using. Investigation revealed that the other /etc/profile.d
scripts values were properly loaded in the PBS shell, and something
seemed to be corrupt with the modules loading, or working once loaded.
Explicitly loading modules in the PBS job script would work, but
without that I would just get "command not found" errors when trying
to use modules commands in the PBS shell.  I updated
modules-environment from 3.1.6-9 to 3.2.5 and now it's showing up in
the PBS shell properly.


On 6/4/07, Troy Baer <troy at osc.edu> wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-06-04 at 11:08 -0400, David Backeberg wrote:
> > Dovetailing on the questions about initializing the shell /
> > environment under Torque, I've noticed that despite my prologue and
> > epilogue scripts, the scripts in /etc/profile.d don't seem to get
> > executed (I'm running bash). I'm specifically interested in having the
> > users automatically getting the modules command / environment loaded
> > automatically.
> The way we've handled this in the past has been to build TORQUE with the
> --disable-shell-pipe and --enable-shell-use-argv options to configure.
> That causes the job shell to act more or less like a login shell.
> AFAIK prologue and epilogue don't share environment settings with the
> job's shell.  I'm not sure about prologue.user and epilogue.user, but I
> suspect they are the same way.
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