[torqueusers] Some questions on elipogue/prologue

Alexander Piavlo lolitushka at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 04:48:44 MDT 2007

Hi Garrick,

> > And what happens then
> > (a) a job fails to stagein files before start
> > and is put W state to later be resubmited if it is rerunable.
> > (b) if job fails during execution
> In both cases epilogue scripts are run.

 Well, for me, in case (a) none of the epilogue scripts run.
My current problem is:
at /var/spool/pbs/mom_priv/config i've added:
$tmpdir /scratch
 Then a job is submited a /scratch/${PBS_JOBID} is created. And i have
a epilogue &
epilogue.precancel scripts to remove this dir, this works ok on job
completion or then job canceled.
But if a job has a stagein specified with -W and the staging fails the
jobs is but in W state
to be later resubmited, the /scratch/${PBS_JOBID} is created, but none
of the epilogue
scripts are run to delete this dir.

 Do you have an idea?

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