[torqueusers] Some questions on elipogue/prologue

David Backeberg david.backeberg at case.edu
Mon Jun 4 09:08:47 MDT 2007

Dovetailing on the questions about initializing the shell /
environment under Torque, I've noticed that despite my prologue and
epilogue scripts, the scripts in /etc/profile.d don't seem to get
executed (I'm running bash). I'm specifically interested in having the
users automatically getting the modules command / environment loaded

I could put an explicit entry in prologue to load the modules.d
initialization, and that should work, but I wondered if there was a
different way to ensure that the PBS world saw what a typical
interactive user would see. This is above and beyond doing a qsub -V,
which only maintains environmental variables.

Thanks to whomever has more insight about my and Alexander's questions.

On 6/4/07, Alexander Piavlo <lolitushka at gmail.com> wrote:
>   Dear all,
>  I have some questions on elipogue/prolouge execution:
>  - Which script is executed first prologue.user or prologue if both exist?
>  - Which script is executed first epilogue.user or epilogue if both exist?
>  - Then a job is cancelled the epilogue.precancel is executed, but do the
>  epilogue, epilogue.user & epilogue.parallel are also executed and in
>  which order?
>  - Are the scripts epilogue.parallel & prologue.parallel executed an all
>  pbs_mom sister nodes or on only defined at /var/spool/pbs/aux/$jobid ?
>  - Are the epilogue.parallel script executed on sister nodes in parrallel
>  with epilogue on mom node?
>  - Are the prologue.parallel script executed on sister nodes in parrallel
>  with prologue on mom node?
>   Thanks
>   Alex
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