[torqueusers] Requesting memory as a resource with torque scheduler

Roy Dragseth Roy.Dragseth at cc.uit.no
Fri Jun 1 06:47:19 MDT 2007

On Wednesday 30 May 2007, Prakash Velayutham wrote:
> Hello,
> Is the following request supposed to work fine with Torque scheduler?
> qsub -I -lnodes=1:ppn=4 -lmem=16000mb
> I have several nodes with a total memory of 6 GB, some with 12 GB, some
> with 16 GB and some with 40 GB. But the above request always puts me in
> one of the nodes with 6 GB total memory (and available is less than
> total, so no way it has 16 GB free). Can someone tell me what is going
> on here?

We are using pmem=Xgb on our linux cluster and it seems to work quite well, 
pmem is memory per process so in your case you should use -lpmem=4000mb.



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