[torqueusers] bash vs csh on SunOS

Chris Evert chris at geodev.com
Tue Jul 31 09:18:23 MDT 2007


I'm using torque 2.1.6.

When a user whose login shell is bash submits a job which runs on SunOS 
5.8, it seems both .profile and .bashrc are ignored.  When a csh user 
submits a job to the same box, both .cshrc and .login are sourced.

Submitting jobs to (suse) Linux box is as expected for the bash user 
(.profile and .bashrc sourced)

I did compile torque for this sun box separately from the rest of the 
nodes, as it is the only sun, so I may have a configuration option 

Running pstree on the sun when a sleep job is running shows a login 
shell in the mix, so I am really confused:
-+= 00000 root 0:02 sched
  \-+- 00001 root 1:48 /etc/init -s
    \-+- 08385 root 12:35 /usr/local/sbin/pbs_mom
      \-+- 15129 ella -bash
        \-+- 15139 ella /bin/bash 
          \--- 15141 ella sleep 60

Anyway, is there an easy way to force a source of these bash files on a 
sun mom node?

Chris Evert
chris at geodev.com
Geophysical Development Corporation
Houston, TX

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