[torqueusers] Gridder 1 released

Matias Alberto Gavinowich mattlistas at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 20:49:29 MDT 2007

Dear all,

I take great pleasure in announcing the first official release of
Gridder. This email is being sent out to grid and cluster related
mailing lists on which I have been asking questions recently. We the
people who participated in this project believe this announcement may
be of interest to the community (please accept our apologies if you do
not find it interesting).

Gridder is an open-source project consisting of a suite of portlets
which are designed to enable users to submit jobs in a grid
environment, without the need of an extensive technical background. It
comes with a full manual and it also includes documentation produced
during development, which addresses topics related to grid and cluster
set up and configuration. Gridder seamlessly integrates with OGCE, as
it was the focus during the whole development process.

Many of you have helped with this project by replying to emails I have
been sending to these lists during the last year. To all of you, and
to the whole grid and cluster community, the most sincere thanks on
behalf of all the people who participated in this project.

Some more infomation on the history and scope of the project follows.

Gridder was developed at Hexacta, a privately-held software
development company in Argentina, and sponsored by a national
scientific promotion agency.

Briefly, the Gridder project consisted of setting up a grid and a
cluster from scratch, researching and applying that knowledge to some
concrete development. That development was a set of portlets designed
to simplify job submission tasks with end-user friendliness in mind,
and a well defined separation of concerns from the user point of view
(namely tasks and jobs), and from the technical point of view (namely
the architecture and design). While there is a lot of improvement that
can be made to them, you may find these portlets and the ideas they
present useful.

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I would also like to take advantage of this opportunity to invite all
of you who might be interested in participating in this project to go
ahead and write back, in order to become members.

If you would like to take a look at the project, please visit the
Gridder web site at http://gridder.sourceforge.net and the SourceForge
project site at http://sourceforge.net/projects/gridder

Thank you all,

Matt on behalf of the people who participated in the Gridder project

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