[torqueusers] Whats the cause of toolong execv?

Atwood, Robert C r.atwood at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Jul 30 10:55:20 MDT 2007

My /var/spool/torque/sched_logs/ has the following message and then the
scheculer died. What causes this, the message is uncelar to me and even
google does not help much. 

07/28/2007 19:12:17;0002; pbs_sched;Svr;Log;Log opened
07/28/2007 19:12:17;0002; pbs_sched;Svr;toolong;alarm call
07/28/2007 19:12:17;0002; pbs_sched;Svr;Log;Log closed
07/28/2007 19:12:17;0002; pbs_sched;Svr;toolong;restart dir /root object
07/28/2007 19:12:17;0001; pbs_sched;Svr;pbs_sched;No such file or
directory (2) in toolong, execv

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