[torqueusers] qmgr dedicated node for a queue

Damian dfermin at umich.edu
Thu Jul 26 12:59:18 MDT 2007


I hope I'm not double posting this. I got my original message sent back.
If I have double posted I apologize...

I'm trying to configure a queue such that any jobs sent to that queue 
only run on a specific node.

I have a 40 cpu cluster composed of 4 4-core physical machines (call 
them n1, n2, n3, n4).
I have two queues: long and short.

If someone submits a job to the "long" queue I want that job to only run 
on node 'n4'.

But if no jobs are running from the "long" queue on node 'n4', I want 
'n4' to still be available to accept jobs from the "short" queue.

I thought I could do something like this: qmgr -a -c 'set queue long 
However I can't find a list of the available attributes you can set for 

Is this something I configure through the scheduler? (Maui in my case).

Can anyone help?



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