[torqueusers] Torque and Propack 5 cpusets.

Adam Steenwyk ajamess at umich.edu
Tue Jul 24 08:40:20 MDT 2007

Hey everyone,

Does anybody have experience with compiling torque against sgi's Propack 5
cpuset functionality.  I've been toying around with 2.1.8 and the
2.2.0snapshots without success in this regard.  From previous stuff on
this list,
it looks like Propack 5 is not currently supported, is this true?

If it's not supported, does anyone have any novel approaches to using
sgi-flavored cpusets with torque?  I remember Gareth had some stuff a while
back about using some submitfilters and prologue scripts to do cpusets for
him, anyone (Gareth :) ) know anything about this?

I noticed the linux 2.6 cpuset stuff in the snapshots, as well, is this
another option to using Propack?


CAC - University of Michigan
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