[torqueusers] Cluster with diff perf.

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Fudging out the number of cpu's on nodes is probably bad mojo, and most of 
what you're worried about will be taken care of by the fact that jobs will 
come back from your fast node faster, meaning more jobs will be run on 
that.  However, if you want to weight that jobs go to faster nodes first, 
you can do that with Moab, by specifying the SPEED parameter for nodes 
(check nodeattributes in the Moab/Maui docs) to be a relative value (this 
machine is 3x faster than that one).  Then if you use a PRIORITY based 
node allocation policy to care about the speed of  nodes.  Then you can 
twiddle the order that nodes are selected (start 2 jobs on the fast node 
before you start 1 on the slow node) to you hearts content by messing with 
the priority function (eg 

The docs look like the same is possible with Maui, but I've got no 
experience with that.


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Re: [torqueusers] Cluster with diff perf.

 Le 11/07/2007  11:38:09-0700, Garrick Staples a écrit
> On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 10:35:20PM +0200, Albert Shih alleged:
> > Hi all.
> > 
> > Maybe my question is very stupid.
> > 
> > I've a small cluster with differents kind of hardware. Of course with
> > differents perf.
> > 
> > How/where in Torque/Maui (maybe it's in maui with opaque variable ?) I 
> > configure this difference between my server ? Is the $cputmult 
variable I
> > must use ?

Thanks for you answer.

> $cputmult is just used for CPU time accounting.
> What did you actually want to change?

Well, suppose I've 1 server with 1 CPU at 3.5Ghz and another with 1 CPU at
1 Ghz. Now I want submit 4 jobs I don't want 2 job on each server, but I
want 3 on the first and 1 on the second. Because I considere 3 job on the
fast server and 1 on the old server can be finish (all of them) more
faster than 2 on each.

Sorry for my english.


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