[torqueusers] Cluster with diff perf.

Brock Palen brockp at umich.edu
Wed Jul 11 14:52:18 MDT 2007

>> $cputmult is just used for CPU time accounting.
>> What did you actually want to change?
> Well, suppose I've 1 server with 1 CPU at 3.5Ghz and another with 1  
> CPU at
> 1 Ghz. Now I want submit 4 jobs I don't want 2 job on each server,  
> but I
> want 3 on the first and 1 on the second. Because I considere 3 job  
> on the
> fast server and 1 on the old server can be finish (all of them) more
> faster than 2 on each.
Why bother?  Some jobs will just finish faster,  1 cpu 1 job.  If you  
want to run parallel with MPI or something similar and to balance the  
system I would just fake the 3.5GHz machine in torque as having 3 cpus

qmgr -c ' set node NODENAME np=3'

Now troque thinks the 3.5ghz machine has 3 cpus it can give out.   
Maui/Moab should suck this information up stream.

BUT!  Really if your just doing lots of serial job,  you don't what  
the over head of switching processes all the time  (context  
switching).  If each job only needs one 1 cpu,  Have each box only  
take 1 job at a time,  the ones that go to the 3.5 will finish  
faster,  but three jobs in a row on that box will finish faster (most  
the time) than running 3 jobs at once on the box.

Oh the power of a good RM+ Schedular.


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