[torqueusers] No contact with server at hostaddr problem (followup)

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Yes that helps a bunch!   I verified that pbs_server was in fact
connected to port 15000 on cree.  I restarted using pbs_mom -S 15000 on
huron and everything works fine now.


Thanks again.  Now I can do some real work :-)








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I have managed to mis-configure pbs to give me these symptoms in two

1) pbs_server isn't running on the port that the mom thinks it is.  Make
sure that the pbs_server is running on 15001 (looks like you're already
looking at this).  As mentioned not long ago, you can start the mom with
pbs_mom -S 15000 to force mom to look for the server at port 15000.
(though I suppose a wise thing to do may be to see what port pbs_server
is running on first).   

2) Fudged up ethernet names for the server on the mom (personally, I've
done this with multi-homed servers).  Does the mom-node (cree?) know who
huron(server) is (and vice versa)?  Is that an entry in /etc/hosts on
the mom-node?  Being a wimp, I almost always use the ip of the server in
the config file for the pbsserver entry to avoid making this mistake. 

I suppose the third option is that pbs_server is actually running at all
on huron.   

Hope that helps, 

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RE: [torqueusers] No contact with server at hostaddr problem (followup)





Sorry I wasn't clear

My set up is 

Node1 (cree):  running pbs_server, pbs_mom and maui

cree np=8
Huron np=8

$pbsserver cree

Node2 (huron):  running pbs_mom only

$pbsserver cree

When I submit the following on cree

echo "sleep 30" | qsub

the job appears to be scheduled on huron and runs OK but then I start
seeing the "No contact with server at hostaddr port 15001" error
messages repeated in the mom_logs file on huron and it appears that the
pbs_server never is notified that the job ran to completion.

Hope this clears things up a little.


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On Mon, Jul 09, 2007 at 09:30:09AM -0600, Carbo, Timothy J. alleged:
> Hello all.
> I was tracking the following email chain and was wondering if there is
> any resolution to the problem below.  I just installed TORQUE 2.1.8
> Maui 3.2.6-p19 on a two node system (both x86-64 bit Xeon quad core
> systems running Red Hat AS 4 update 4) and am having the same exact
> problem when I try to submit a job on my client node (jobs run fine on
> the server node).  Oddly, the remote node is trying to connect to port
> 15001 on the server node but netstat -a indicates there is nothing
> listening at that port.  I am pretty new to Torque so am I missing
> something?

It is a little hard to figure out your setup here with "client",
"server", and "remote" nodes.

If both hosts are to handle compute jobs, then you want pbs_mom running
on both hosts and both hostnames in server_priv/nodes.

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