[torqueusers] Question about memory request qsub -l mem=

Atwood, Robert C r.atwood at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Jan 31 08:06:04 MST 2007


I am currently using Torque with default pbs_sched on a Linux suse 10.0
cluster (clustervision)
If I apply the resource request mem= to a queue request, it is unclear
to me which of the following I should expect  :

1. Nothing
2. Only starts the job if the actual free memory on the node exceeds the
requested amount
3. Only starts the job if the (actual + swap) free memory exceeds the
requested amount
4. Only starts the job if the total memory minus the sum of  memory
requested by other PBS jobs exceeds the requested amount 
5. Terminates the job if its memory usage exceeds the requested usage.

As far as I can tell from my tests, it is 1 (nothing) Is this expected?
The example #3  at the wiki documentation


indicates that 2 should be expected. Does this depend upon other
configuration settings? Or is it incorrect?
Many thanks

Here's the table entry for the 'mem' resource from the above page:

 mem 	 size* 	 Maximum amount of physical memory used by the job

Heres the example that I refer to from the above page :

Example 3
> qsub -l nodes=node01,mem=200mb /home/user/script.sh
This job will wait until node01 is free with 200 MB of available memory.

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