[torqueusers] short jobs to "interactive" queue not running

Anne Hammond hammond at txcorp.com
Tue Jan 30 22:17:51 MST 2007

torque 2.1.1     maui 3.2.6p16

We have a 12-node cluster and would like short jobs to "jump in",
run briefly on the number of nodes requested, and then exit.

If a job already has 12-nodes allocated, but that queue has a lower
priority (10) than the interactive queue (100), should a job to the
interactive queue be able to allocate those nodes for a short
period of time?

Below is how the queues interactive and opt8 are set up.
When a job is running on opt8, a node will list as "job-exclusive".
Does the node need to be set to "time-share" ??

Thanks in advance < A

# Create and define queue interactive
create queue interactive
set queue interactive queue_type = Execution
set queue interactive Priority = 100
set queue interactive max_queuable = 2
set queue interactive max_running = 1
set queue interactive resources_max.nodect = 8
set queue interactive resources_max.walltime = 00:30:00
set queue interactive max_user_run = 1
set queue interactive enabled = True
set queue interactive started = True
# Create and define queue opt8
create queue opt8
set queue opt8 queue_type = Execution
set queue opt8 Priority = 10
set queue opt8 max_running = 1
set queue opt8 acl_host_enable = False
set queue opt8 resources_max.nodect = 8
set queue opt8 resources_max.walltime = 24:00:00
set queue opt8 resources_default.nodect = 1
set queue opt8 max_user_run = 1
set queue opt8 enabled = True
set queue opt8 started = True

Anne M. Hammond - Systems / Network Administration - Tech-X Corp
                   hammond_at_txcorp.com 720-974-1840

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