[torqueusers] NIS and torque issue.

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 01:41:53 MST 2007

> I'm sorry if this is posted somewhere already.  I'm running torque and
> it works great when I don't have NIS running.  When I set things up
> with NIS I get the following message:
> pbs_mom: Network is unreachable (101) in TMomFinalizeChild, cannot
> open qsub sock

I also run NIS and torque, but without ANY problems.
Please try

#> netstat -l

and look at the ports. Torque usually uses ports around 15000 - if they 
are already taken, then you might get the above error.

#> lsof -i

will help you tracking down the responsible programs opening those ports.

You also might want to check /etc/nsswitch.conf (if your services are 
defined by NIS maps) and /etc/services to see if the torque ports are 
relocated to another range.


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