[torqueusers] Re: Stop Interaction between different queues

garrick at clusterresources.com garrick at clusterresources.com
Mon Jan 29 20:34:15 MST 2007

On Mon, Jan 29, 2007 at 10:33:17PM +0530, Vadivelan Ranjith alleged:
> Hi
> I'm sorry if it discussed earlier.
> I created new queues(long, short and interactive). Each queue having
> individual nodes. when I submitted using qsub -q <queue name> <job file>,
> jobs are going to individual nodes correctly. But i am facing some
> difficulties.
> Assume following queues have the particular nodes
> queue long = node01, node02
> queue short = node03
> queue interactive = node04, node05
> 1. i submitted job interactively and job went to particular node04. i ran
> the job interactively using following command
> mpirun -machinefile hosts -np 2 ./jobfile.
> hosts file having node04 & node05. Jobs are running fine. If i change the
> host file to node01 & node02, jobs are running on node01 & node02. But
> node01 & node02 are assigned for queue long.
> I want to run particular queue to particular nodes. I dont want people to
> hack other nodes.

TORQUE can't prevent ssh/rsh logins, because those are out of its
control.  If you are using an OS with PAM, you can do some fun things
there.  See src/pam/README.pam or contrib/README.pam_authuser for a first

> 2. I want to define the interactive queue only for interactive mode. I
> should not submit job, through interactive mode.
> for example qsub -q interactive jobfile, now jobs started running
> 3.  if i submit job using, qsub -q long -I -l nodes=1:ppn=2, then  jobs
> started in interactive mode using queue long.  I want to use  long and short
> queue for submitting jobs(non-interactive mode) and interactive queue for
> only interactive jobs.

Job routing occurs based on resource requests and ACLs, not based on
other job attributes.

Others have argued for routing based on interactive or batch, but I
still maintain that it is a bad idea.

> I dont know i did any mistake while configuring torque. I not yet configured
> maui except one command.
> Can anybody help me how to configure queue as i mention above.

I don't see any misconfigs here.  Maui doesn't know anything about job
routing in TORQUE.

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