[torqueusers] Re: pam_authuser segfaults

Jim Prewett download at hpc.unm.edu
Thu Jan 25 08:50:07 MST 2007

> thanks for the answer. I noticed that it didn't seem to be very
> actively maintained (-; However it does exactly what we were looking for.
> I was mainly worried I would introduce a memory leak, but it really is
> the argv[] from sshd, right?

Yes, it was intended to be simple and despite the fact that I've not 
updated the code in 3 years, I have been using it the entire time (on a 
system that doesn't segfault when that memory is free()'d :)

I don't malloc the memory, so I have no right to free it.  I'm not exactly 
sure who does malloc the memory, but, hopefully they will clean it up :)

> I completely understand. However since it is still shipped as part of
> Torque, I think someone should thoroughly go over the code (such as
> have it conform to the pam standards concerning LOG levels).

I wasn't aware (until you contacted me) that the code was being shipped 
with Torque!  It came as quite a surprise to me.  I'm honored, for sure :)

I'm still having problems getting in touch with the developers of the 
Torque project to get these issues fixed.


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